Cobra XRS 9945 Voice Alert 15 Band Radar Detector Review

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The Cobra XRS 9945 Voice Alert 15 band radar detector is the product for you if you want to follow the traffic rules and avoid unfortunate accidents. Click here to buy from Amazon at a 44% discount with free shipping now!

The Cobra XRS 9945 radar detector offers you complete peace of mind with the Super-Xtreme Range Super-heterodyne Technology. This technology allows this product to detect all of the 15 radar as well as laser bands with a super-fast lock-on detection circuitry that is present in the product. This product also provides you with an extra detection range that you can’t find with other products present in the market. This Cobra XRS 9945 radar detector also features the best possible advance warning to even the fastest of the POP mode radar guns that are currently available. Other features of this product include: an exclusive full-color Extreme-Bright DataGrafix Display, an 8 point electronic compass, a voice alert system as well as a car battery voltage display/ low car battery warning and much more.

Cobra XRS 9945 Radar Detector Features & Specifications

  • 15-Band detection: 6 laser, 7 radar and 2 safety signals
  • 1.0-inch OLED display with easy-to-read vivid colors
  • Complete immunity to VG-2 and alerts for Spectre I/IV radar detectors
  • Optional GPS Locator with AURA Database
  • alert you to Red Light Camera locations and Verified Speed
  • One-year limited warranty

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The Cobra XRS radar detector has a system ready prompt that will notify you that the radar detector has correctly completely a self-test and is thus, ready for use. This product also provides complete immunity to Spectre I radar detector-detectors if you ever happen to experience them. As mentioned above, this product also provides you with an approximate voltage reading of your car’s battery and it even warns you when your car battery’s voltage falls below 11.9 volts. This cobra xrs radar detector easily detects 7 radar, 6 laser and 2 safety signals.

Another feature of the Cobra XRS 15 band radar detector has a relative speed sensing auto shutdown feature that renders your detector undetectable by currently available radar detector-detectors. The display of this product is also easy to read and the display is in vivid colors. This product provides you with 360-degree detection of laser signals. The product also auto mutes the alert tone and thus, enhances your convenience. The Smart-Power feature of this product automatically shuts off the products power when the vehicle’s ignition is turned off. This cobra xrs 9945 radar detector also allows you to select different operating modes and thus, this reduces the frequency of failing in densely populated urban areas. The cobra radar detector also allows you to dim the radar detector display and help in enhancing the visibility when you drive at night. The manual that comes with this product is easy to read and the product itself is quite user friendly.

Cobra XRS 9945 Review

During my research regarding the reviews that the Cobra XRS 9945 Voice Alert 15 band radar detector received, I found a total of 492 customer reviews on 226 of these customer reviews have given this product a five star rating. Cobra products have again satisfied their customer’s needs. Many customers praised the fact that they saved a lot of money by buying this product as it helps in avoiding any speeding tickets that they might encounter in the future. Click here to read more reviews.

There were also some customer reviews that said that the cobra xrs radar detector was difficult to use. This problem can be taken care of by carefully reading the instruction manual or by calling the customer service for help.

All in all, I would recommend the Cobra XRS radar detector to all of you who go on long travels and want to avoid traffic tickets. Click here to SAVE $100 on the Cobra XRS 9945 Radar Detector for a limited time only!

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